Why Tubes ?

Quite a bit has been written about this subject, so l will be brief.
Solid state amplifiers have undeniable advantages over tube amps, such as less distortion, lower input power for higher output power and lower price.
However, according many audiophiles, tubes have a
better sound, not 'accurate'-simply better! Single minded technocrats say that tube amplified sound is not 100% 'accurate' because a certain amount of distortion is introduced in the process.
My contention is: who listens to music merely because 'accurate' sound?
I think that most people listen to music because it inspires pleasing emotions. In a nutshell, that's what these beautiful tube amps will do, far better than basic sheet-metal boxes! Solid-state "super hifi", "sci fi hi super tech gigwatt processing frambingulators"....is that what the discerning audiophile wants?
As food is enjoyed not only with the mouth, music is enjoyed by more than the ears. That is, also by eyesight--watching the hot tubes as they work, and by smell--as tubes have a certain distinguished aroma. (I wouldn't recommend to tasting them, though. You might get burned.)

So, in conclusion I have one question:
Why do the most expensive audiophile amplifiers use tubes?

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